Welcome to Double-D Surf School - Bali

Double-D Surf School is located directly on 66 Beach, Seminyak, on the beautiful island of Bali. Join our qualified and friendly staff for a surfing adventure and let us bring your natural talents to light. Each of our courses is tailored to fit your skill level and personal goals. Our school provides the highest quality surfing gear, great attitudes, and individualized instruction - essential for a fun and unforgettable surfing experience. Make the most of your stay and enjoy the surf. Your smile is our reward!


About Us

Our name, Double-D, comes from "Damai Damai". Damai translates to peace in English. We value spirituality and believe that being peaceful toward everyone only enhances the beauty of the world we live in. Not to mention, twin brothers, owners, and head instructors have been known locally as Double-D for years.


Beginner/level 1

This introductory course covers all the necessary theory
about the basics of surfing, safety essentials, surf awareness,
board characteristics, paddling and standing up. We‘ll take
you into the water to practice these new skills and catch your
first small waves

Stoked/level 2

We take you a step forward and help you become more
confident on the board and develop techniques for board
control and turning while maintaining a pace that is
comfortable to you.

Keen/level 3

In this course you will learn about how to read the surf such
as observing the sets, timing the paddle out and techniques
on how to get through the surf and into the line-up.
(Subject to surf conditions)

Addicted/level 4

In this final course the goal is to paddle through the surf into
the line -up (subject to surf conditions), select the right wave,
time your take off and confidently ride some amazing waves.




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